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Cleaning Up Like a Boss

I’ve been a volunteer mentor at Aidha for over two years now and it’s one of the most gratifying aspects of my life here in Singapore.

It has given me the privilege to mentor women who are a lot like me.

I too come from a developing country – a foreign worker in Singapore.

Like most of my mentees, I send money home to family every month. And I share with them the journey of adventure mixed with sacrifice that characterises the choice we made to leave our motherland to ensure a brighter future for those we love.

Like them, I struggled to make ends meet. It took a while to find that balance of taking care of others and not to forget about my own needs.


What Aidha has given me is an opportunity to learn, together, how to manage our finances, make it grow, start a business, become entrepreneurs, and thrive as independent, capable and confident women!

It has also given me the priceless gift of seeing the metamorphosis of women like Jeanilyn Bermudez, in the video above, from impoverishment to empowerment.

From wondering “Can I?” to exclaiming “I can!”

To have witnessed that transformation from follower to leader in their own right and in their own eyes, is an honour I hold close to my heart.

There is one more thing I share with my mentees: we share a hope and a determination to make a difference with our lives. I have no doubt that we are already on our way.

Like Mai, you can volunteer to be a mentor with Aidha. Or you can sponsor a scholarship for domestic workers to gain financial and computer literacy as well as business management and entrepreneurship skills.

Produced, shot and edited by: Timothy Mcdonald
Text by: Mai Tatoy


Submitted by dr Peter Kai (not verified) on
am retired anesthesiologist worked with 3 - 400 girls ( nurses ) from the Phillipines they are a wonderful & remarkable lot

Submitted by Robert Christian (not verified) on
I have worked at big chain of hospital with a 7,000 employees and a 3,000 bed capacity hospital in the USA. I have something good to say that these workers from the Philippines that I have worked with for two decades have a unique set of work values that you can never find in any other cultures from workers around the world! They are very nice people to be with!

Submitted by Pablito M. Alcover (not verified) on
I believe that your programs and projects can help families improve their lives and can change the world. We want to have this also in the Philippines.

Submitted by RH (not verified) on
Love this. So many good people you can help. So many lost people you can help too. Best wishes and thank you

Submitted by Dennis (not verified) on
It seems like some people simply need some form of empowerment to unleash the creativity that each possesses, and women respond well. In this example, it also proves true that " Someone's junk is someone else's treasure!" Mabuhay to the women of the P.I.!

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