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Seeing to Their Future

It takes courage to confront a potentially debilitating condition in your child and to do everything in your power to help your child.

It takes a special kind of courage to extend that help to other children as well.

That's what we found in Lay Hong and Audrey, two mothers who not only equipped and trained themselves to help their children, Sophie and James, when they were diagnosed with low vision, which is reduced vision even when using the best possible corrective lenses, and in some cases, could lead to blindness.

Independent and fulfilling

They decided to set up iC2 PrepHouse to help children with low vision stay in mainstream schools and teach them coping skills in everyday living so they can lead independent and fulfilling lives.

There are a lot of things these children can do and they can grow up to be independent individuals, says Lay Hong, who was a teacher before founding iC2.

But if they are not given the required support and necessary skills, "it is difficult for them to function as their peers do and they may meet frustrations along the way, which is so unnecessary".

She says, for example, that "being able to ask for help is a very important skill that all children with visual impairment must learn".

Despite their low vision, Sophie and James are "normal" kids, going to school, playing with friends, having hobbies and dreams, and being happy. 

Says Audrey, a doctor, about her son: "James is doing very well in school despite his low vision. 

"I do think that he will do well, and that he will be able to overcome this obstacle for life very well ... we hope that other children with the same sort of problem - whatever the visual impairment - will have the same experience as James. And that's what iC2 is all about."

More children with low vision having a bright future, that's what Lay Hong and Audrey would like to see. 

Check out iC2's website, designed for people with low vision, to find out how you can help.

Filmed, edited and produced by Jean Loo & Yang Huiwen - Logue
Text by Joshua Lye


Submitted by shabir hussain (not verified) on
visually disabled children should be trained so as to help them not feel inferior they should tell a teacher that they cant see from a distance if he z using a white r black board being myself a visually disabled n shy student i remained very far behind in mathamathics as i was always unable to see blackboard. a teacher should use the projector screen with visable colours to help low vision students n parents should support their lv wards in by providing them assistive devices.

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